What kind of version management did you use in your previous projects

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All of your R course can be version controlled using any of the following source control software. However, please keep in mind that these kinds of version control software is not good for large volumes of data ( especially non-text media ). You would have to rely on file storage with manual versioning for the same.


git is probably the most popular version control in use today. All the code can be fully version managed using git.


Subversion is another popular version control software.

R studio supports integration of both git and subversion source control software. Go to Tools -> Global Options

and go to the Git/SVN tab.

Your git or svn executable should automatically be picked up. If not, specify the executable.

As soon as you start creating the project and write the code, the git tab will automatically start tracking the changes in the underlying file system.

You can perform commits, diff’s between files and the most basic source control operations right from here.