R Setup

R setup

Summary : Installing R is really simple. Let’s explore how to do it.


Step 1 – Install R

Before you install R studio, you have to install R. Download R here. Select your platform ( Windows, Mac or Linus) and then in the subsequent page, select R base,

Select base R to download and install R

and then select the downloaded. It’s 80+ MB and should download pretty fast on a standard connection.

Download R for windows

Once you have downloaded the installable, just double click on it and the steps should be pretty easy.


After finishing base R installation, move on to the next step of installing R studio.

Step 2 – Install R Studio

Install R Studio on Windows

If you have chosen a non-standard path to install base R, when you start R studio, it might not be able to figure the R installation path and might ask you for the specific location or R installation. Just provide the same.

That’s it. Launch R studio from the Start menu and you should see the R studio.

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