Python Machine Learning Source Code

Source Code

  Machine Learning in Python

Summary : All of the source code shown is available on github either as programs or notebooks. You can download them and set them up in your IDE for ease of use. This page walks you through the process

Download Source Code

Use the link below to download the entire source code to your desktop. You don’t need a github account to download. Ensure you have Python and jupyter installed on your system to be able to run these programs or notebooks.

Github Page for Source Code

Download Source code

Extract the zip file to a location of your choice – say “My Documents”.


To be able to open them in Jupyter, just open the extracted folder in your computer’s explorer

type in

jupyter notebook


jupter lab
Type your Jupyter start up command here

A command prompt will open up like this. Just don’t close it. You need this to be open in order for Jupyter to work.

Jupyter Command window. Don’t close this.

After that a browser window opens up.

Jupyter Lab environment

You can recursively dig through the notebooks using the folder structure on the left.

Just double click on the corresponding notebook to view it and execute the source code and examples. For example, to view Python Lists, just double click on it in the folder day_2_data_structures.

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