About the Course Just enough Python

About the Course

  Just enough Python

Summary : On this page, we discuss the course requirements, course methodology and learning road map

Please take some time to go through these topics to ensure you get the best out of the course – especially focus on the last 3 items.


Course Requirements

Luckily, this is a beginner course. So, basically there are no requirements. You don’t need to have a programming background. All you need to have is a Mac or PC with decent internet connection.

What this course is not

Just as the title says, this course is not a full-fledged Python course. Python is a versatile language that has many use cases, like

  • web development
  • devOps
  • general purpose scripting
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • automation etc

If you are going to use Python for any other purpose other than Machine Learning or Deep Learning this course might not be the right one. However, that being said, the basics of Python would still remain the same and you will still gain significant benefit from this course if you are a complete beginner to Python or Programming.

Even if your intent is to learn Python for Machine Learning or Deep Learning, this course doesn’t give you all the background that is required for deep learning like

Course Methodology

So, that brings us to the question,

What does this course cover ?

Course Objective : The sole purpose of this course is to give you just enough introduction to Python so that you can get comfortable with the language aspect of it. Once you get comfortable with the basics of Python, you will be in a much better position to explore all the other basics (listed above) which requires you to have a basic working knowledge of Python.

Keeping inline with this objective, the course is kept really simple. Just keep in mind that this is NOT a full fledged Python course. If you still feel that some topics are missing and would add value to a learner at this point of learning Python, please feel free to add a comment and we will work to include it.

Learning Roadmap

Here is a quick-and-dirty roadmap of the entire course. It is intended as a rough visual that you can implant in your mind to make the learning as fast as possible. On the website though, there might be some additional information that might be used for further reference if required.

Just enough Python course road map

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